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I tend to “rant” about various topics and try to share them in a way that may benefit others and help each other grow.



Hey everyone, it has been a long time since I last made a blog post, it’s been just over a year since I went on my storm chasing trip. 2020 has been a very...

Some Perspective 0

Some Perspective

I guess after been though a lot of emotions surrounding someone who I like very much, enough that you could say I was in a pretty deep crush with. I started asking myself “Why?”...

Live Forever 0

Live Forever

It must be natural to have a fear of death and I’m no different. I suppose I realize that at some it will happen. We know we need to eat well, exercise and be...

Smoking 0


I can tell you first hand just how terrible smoking is and how difficult it is to quit…and stay quit. I started smoking when I was 14-15…smoked pretty much for 14 years, tried quitting...

Searching For Meaning 2

Searching For Meaning

I’ve always ponder about what the meaning of life is, what is the purpose and point. I don’t meaning in terms of just my life but life in general. I do feel that life...