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Roasting Coffee On the Cheap

I’ve been meaning to make a post about how to roast your own coffee. When I first started looking into it I was shocked at the costs of some of the roaster. There’s a...


Mountain Laurel, Rhododendrons…Same Thing?

A while back I began reading AWOL On the Appalachian Trail and I remember reading his mentionings of the mountains being covered in mountain laurel and rhododendron (say that 5 times fast). Then I came across a...

Using Trekking Poles the Right Way 0

Using Trekking Poles the Right Way

If you’re like me and bought some trekking (hiking) poles you’re probably using them wrong, or at least started off using them wrong. Rather than me trying to explain, I’ll allow Bigfoot explain in...


Wesser Bald

If you’re looking for a short hike to some awesome views in the Blue Ridge Mountains then put Wesser Bald on the list. On top of Wesser Bald is a 30 ft observation deck...

Burley Nomad Road Test 0

Burley Nomad Road Test

Went to REI and got the Burley Nomad bike cargo trailer. Decided to go for a test ride to see how a load changes the game and well it does.

The Gaps 0

The Gaps

Well I did my first ride last Tuesday and made some good connections with the SABA group. We went about 20 miles roughly through some of the back roads and it wasn’t anything terribly hard...

First Group Ride 0

First Group Ride

I’ll be joining in on a group bike ride tomorrow which I am kind of excited about. I think it will be good experience for me since I will be competing in a triathlon...