I Attempted To Repair My Dash Cam

It has been a long time since I posted anything to my blog and this will be a quick one. There is definitely built in obsolescence into products and it’s not just your smartphone, it’s pretty much everything, cars, home appliances and yes even a dash cam. The dash cam I have is one of the better ones by Thinkware and boasts having “super capacitors” instead of a battery which usually don’t hold up very well with the extreme temperatures. So, one might think that there is no battery in the unit, this is not true. Inside the unit is a tiny rechargeable button cell battery that keeps the RTC (Real-time Clock) running when the unit is off. This also has a profound effect on the date and time when the battery dies. Mine started showing that the year was 2106, some 85 years into the future. This is a common symptom that many other owners of similar models experience. 

The choice is either replace or repair. These dashcams being a bit more expensive I decided to attempt a repair. The batteries are available on websites like Digikey and aren’t very expensive. Mine cost me $1.98 each at $6.99 shipping, so it might be worthwhile to order a few extra. If you have any experience soldering you’ll probably make it through and perhaps you won’t do any worse than me. I did break off the tiny wires going to the speaker, but it is something I won’t miss as the speech and beeps are quite annoying anyway. Practice and patience is key, after all, I can do it, you certainly can do it.

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