Some Photography and a Short Rant

So as usual, I’m trying on a new adventure. I wouldn’t come out an say “hobby” as it is possible I may not have the ability to pursue it on an ongoing basis but I am going storm chasing in May. So having comitted to doing that I have been getting some necessities like a telephoto lens, cell phone booster and so forth. So I have been out a few times to play with this new lens and I’m pretty impressed and impressed at how good of a photo this old Nikon D3100 can still take. It is a little noisy in the higher ISO but overall it still just shoots better than a smartphone in many cases. Plus there’s a lot of wiggle room shooting in RAW and post-processing. Anyway, the lens I got was a Tamron 70-300 mm telephoto lens. The interesting thing about it is that it has a macro switch and it works wonderfully.
Of course I did go out on a windy day and didn’t have my tripod with me. I tend to not think of these sort of details when I’m getting ready for work at 6 in the morning, I did at least remember to bring the drone. I was hoping to get some shots of Fontana Dam but I heard that they have started cracking down on people flying drones at Fontana Dam, I haven’t had issues at Chatuge but I don’t like stirring the pot. So I settled with Cheoah Dam and didn’t fly over or too close. Plus, you’re not in the national park as the AT also crosses the dam, so you’re kind of stuck having to fly pretty far off from the dam.

So onto the rant. Facebook does compress images that you upload, that is all fine and understandable but it appears to have gotten more lossy than I remember, especially darker images. This is one of the reasons for making this post. I love astrophotoghy, even though I’m not all that great at it and don’t really have all the equipment that is necessary to take pictures of nebulae and galaxies — all the cool stuff. I would probably enjoy a night at an observatory. Anyway, when I upload images like these on Facebook, they look like crap and you cannot see the subject matter that is in the photo. Some of them just look completely flat. So I’m putting them here in their original, full resolution, so they should look much better. That being said, my web server is a bit slow and these images are pretty large for a JPEG image, so be patient.

There will be more posts soon in the future. I really have not had a whole lot of time for things to write about but I do plan on talking about this storm chasing stuff and the new ICOM ID-4100A I have on the way. So stay tuned more is coming.

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