Painting, A New Hobby

I sort of rediscovered something from my childhood (well, middle school and high school era) that I enjoyed but never got back into, that is painting.

Here’s what happened…

At some point surfing around the web I came across something from my early childhood flipping through the channels and stopping on The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Now, I never really watched Bob Ross, I remember him being kind of goofy, kind of dorky I guess when I was a kid, but today…it’s therapy. I mean that in all seriousness. It may seem kind of weird at first as in how can watching a guy paint be therapeutic. Now I won’t go into a deep dive on ASMR but there is something about watching and listening to Bob Ross after a stressful day at work. Not saying I am experiencing ASMR watching Bob Ross, but I do think there is something to hearing a soft voice speaking about peaceful things and watching a painting come to life. Just like how music can change your mood, maybe how listening to Jazz music can help calm you down and heavy metal can energize someone.
Now my finances aren’t particularly good and I shouldn’t really have spent any money on getting back into any sort of hobby at this time, but I did anyway. I went on amazon really to find out how much it would cost to get everything I need to do a few paintings and try following along with Bob Ross on a few scenes I wanted to paint. Of course I didn’t stop there, I ended up buying all sorts of stuff from Michael’s later on.

Not A Rembrandt

I have to say, I did feel a bit proud of myself that the first painting didn’t end with me getting angry and ultimately disaster. Actually, I was proud on how well it did turn out and how Bob Ross is totally correct in that anyone can paint. Anyone can paint. Now you might want to do it outside. You will probably make a mess, get it on your clothes, but that’s alright.

No this is nothing close to being fine art, nor is this on Bob’s level, but it is good enough to be inspiring and that I want to continue pursuing this and with practice I might be able to sell a few of these paintings. The biggest problem I had with the first painting was the cheap brushes I bought, they’re hardly good enough for watercolor, let alone oil. The results were definitely impacted by inferior brushes and of course inexperience. However, having done the painting I did realize several things, needing better brushes was one of them.

The second painting I did while it was better, I do see some things I need to work on. Perhaps I have an astigmatism but it seems that the clouds are a bit tilted. I did not scrape off all the paint when making the mountains, so the pink highlights didn’t break when I slid the knife down and the paint could be a bit more firm — that could also be a problem. All in all with the better brushes and painting with my mom earlier that day, I did have a better painting in the end. Again, this isn’t fine art, but I think with more practice and keeping the expectation realistic this could be a fun hobby of mine…in addition to the many others I have.

What’s Next

The next painting that I’ve began working on is a 36×24″ canvas that I have painted with black acrylic. My plan is to go over it with linseed oil and a bit of paint thinner to substitute for Ross’ liquid clear (which I’ve read tends to yellow, but don’t hold me to that). I just don’t want to buy any. With the canvas being black I have learned about transparent colors, so colors like phthalo blue, phthalo green, ivory black are semi-transparent, meaning if you put them on a black canvas it still looks black. So I’m going to paint the northern lights but I do want a more colorful northern lights than what Bob has on his show. Not knocking Bob at all as his way was a super easy way to paint the northern lights. There’s at least two episodes where Bob paints the northern lights:

I’ll let everyone know how it all turns out, might be this weekend or later, just when time allows.

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  1. Tipper says:

    Wow I think the paintings are great! I used to like to watch Ross on PBS 🙂

  2. Eli says:

    Nice art

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