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Just wanted to check in. I am working on a few things for the blog. I’ve got an article about iPhone photography and one about camping stoves. No, they’re not these crazy long posts that you come across. Just short and to the point and hopefully something you’ll find helpful.
Although I have had this blog for nearly two years I haven’t really decided what exactly I want it to be, what I want it to be about. I think I have narrowed things down some. One thing for sure the blog is ultimately for me.

The Blog’s Purpose

I don’t expect to become famous or have thousands of followers, sure that would be great because I am looking to connect with people who are interested in the things that I am interested in…which I also tend to post about. Camping, photography, the outdoors are the big things I am interested in and working, family and so on tend to limit my time with those hobbies, next would be weather. I also don’t claim to be a good writer, there are many grammatical errors and structure and all sorts of no-no’s that I do that probably aren’t good for SEO and so forth. Sure, I’ll learn the mistakes I am making now and apply them moving on, but this isn’t some big monetized blog.
If you like my photography that’s great! Follow me on Flickr. I’ll also post stuff here and tips I can think of that are worth sharing. I don’t know about you but all these hobbies tend to be expensive and I don’t think you have to spend thousands on cameras, lenses or software to have good photos. Most of it really boils down to composition, not the equipment.

Update About Me

It is always a slippery slope when you truly get personal on a blog, however, not sharing thing about yourself on your own blog does kind make things lacking in the authentic area and the personal touch. So here goes…
I have pretty pronounced anxiety issues, generalized anxiety to be more proper. I don’t consider this to be a “disorder” or a “disease” it is part of who I am and not something new with me. That being said, I also occasionally get into a slump…depression. Depression and anxiety apparently go hand and hand and I have t agree. I have been pretty depressed before and I tend to bounce back and forth between the two time to time. I’m not a fan of medication but I do have faith in therapy and that often this stuff is mind over matter. What I think about is very much going to effect how I am going to feel. If you think about all the things going wrong in your life, probably not going to feel very happy. It works the same way with anxiety. The problem is changing how you think, it is very much driven into you, just like your morning routine.
The problem with me is that I am far too worried an concerned over everything that there is little room to actually live. I’m worried about money, jobs, relationship, figuring out what it is I want to do with the rest of my life or what might happen 5 years from now, tomorrow or in the next 5 minutes. I think we can all agree that we all should focus on living for today. Sure, I get it, anxiety has its purpose and I do think it is there for a reason but somehow I need to get it so that things are balanced. I should be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and so should everyone else.

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    Well said and so very true!!!

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