Deleting Facebook

I do think Facebook has become far too large for their own good. Over 2 billion people use the platform and with the Cambridge Analytica scandal along with several other looming issues such as Facebook retaining users deleted videos and some internal political struggles. Also just how do 3rd parties use the data that’s already been given to them, that’s the bigger concern. I’m not talking about how ads are being targeted but how companies are taking all the data on all users, categorizing them and being able to study the general population. Some ideas might be how to more effectively target vulnerable individuals to get them to vote a particular way, or deliver ads that might get someone to more likely buy something. Even more concerning Facebook can sell your data to insurance companies to set the price you pay for a policy. It also concerns me what Facebook is doing with 2 billion users information or rather what can someone do with 2 billion users information. Keep in mind Facebook tracks you when you’re not on Facebook, any time you run the app on your phone, any time you log in with Facebook in another app or website, that information is being collected, so it’s not just what kind of food you like, where you were when took that picture at the beach. They know very intimate details about you and it doesn’t seem apparent, despite we all agreed to their terms of service.
All that alone isn’t enough of a reason to delete your Facebook account. For me it is all things taken into consideration. One of the things I hate are all the political posts all over everyone’s timeline. It was to the point of either unfollowing/unfriending people or installing an add-on that helps block political posts. If I were to unfollow everyone who posted a political meme, or something I didn’t like I probably wouldn’t see that much in the news feed and to be honest defeats the purpose that Facebook was originally intended for — connecting with friends. The thing is, yes, people want their voice to be heard but it is not their voice — it’s a meme, it was someone else’s idea. I just get the feeling that we’re all being targeted with political ads, or just ads in general. Ads that may project a particular ideas to shape public opinion. In other words you probably weren’t thinking about something like global warming until you got on Facebook to check the news feed and now you’re convinced global warming is fake…or perhaps you’re ready to sell your car and bike to work.
That all being said, there are many other social media sites where you can still connect with friends. You can, believe it or not, still use things like phone calls, text messages and email. All are still very much valid means to connect with people. For me, my circle is small, I have connected with the people who I want to connect with and I don’t need Facebook to maintain those connections. I’m not suggesting that everyone delete Facebook but you should look into this privacy stuff and think about whether or not you should allow a company, or anyone for that matter, know that much about you, where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re talking to what you said, what opinions you have at every given moment. Sure there are things you can do to circumvent some of these things, but why jump through all these hoops just to use an app that you’re not comfortable with?
Having my own blog, hosting my own content gives me absolute control of my data. One thing that rings true, you’re going to be a whole lot more careful what you say and the overall content that you post on your blog or website. This is something people on Facebook generally don’t think about. The privacy matter and whether people read and understand the terms of service is becoming much more important. We’re not lawyers who draw this stuff up and even if we all understood all the legal speak in these agreements understanding to the extent of what Facebook or another company can do with the information you submit on their service or platform is another. At any rate, if you want control and want your privacy, start reading the fine print and don’t support companies who don’t care about their customers or the people who use their services.

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