Wesser Bald

If you’re looking for a short hike to some awesome views in the Blue Ridge Mountains then put Wesser Bald on the list. On top of Wesser Bald is a 30 ft observation deck that sits above the tree line to some of the best views. It is about 1.5 miles from the parking area on Otter Creek Rd where the Appalachian Trail crosses the road and about 800 ft of elevation gain, so it is a bit of a climb. I would say it is a good hike for a beginner, just be sure to bring some water with you and take breaks as needed.
You do have to watch out for tree roots and some rocks, but nothing bad. Hiking poles do come in handy, so bring them along. The observation deck is a bit old and has a sign stating the maximum capacity is 14 people which is kind of hard to tell unless you’re up on the deck to get a head count. I’ll admit I made a headcount when I got to the top. The stairs are a bit wobbly but despite that it is a safe and sturdy structure.
Use this link to Google Maps to get directions to the parking area.
There are some trails I found on Asheville Trails (www.ashevilletrails.com)
While I didn’t get photos from Wesser Bald at the best time of year they still turned out pretty good.
I know the leaves haven’t started yet at this elevation and probably won’t until sometime in May. I do have some pretty good shots from 2016 though.

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