Winter Isn’t Over Yet

Winter isn’t over yet. For some parts of the country that’s still true. What you don’t expect is snow in the south…anywhere really. Granted it was a few weeks ago when I took the drone back up to the Cherohala Skyway at 4,000-5,000 ft elevation you get snow when there is rain everywhere else.

The Cherohala Skyway is 43 miles in length and for me it is a several hour trip and I don’t drive the full length. I’m usually only interested in getting to the top for the views. I don’t know that I talk much about the drone I use. I have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, far from the best but I do feel that the subject matter and editing make the difference. You don’t have to have the best camera to take good photos. Maybe I’m just picky or just peculiar on what I like but I don’t try to over saturate and over do it on photos. Let’s face it, we’re not going to quite capture the moment.

Dynamic range is lost, color information is lost to only be re-created and really never does the justice that an image deserves. What I do is set the drone to take bracketed shots, so they’re taken at different exposure levels hoping to get a good quality, higher dynamic range photos. The camera sensor on the Phantom 3 does leave a bit more to be desired. It is easy to get washed out and does favor blue colors (you can kind of see it in the last photo).

I always try to keep things closer to how it appeared, but no I never can quite get there. For instance the last picture the sky had a bit more texture and more yellow/pink off in the background. Perhaps I lack skill in getting the settings right? White balance perhaps? I haven’t thought of all the things I can try. Not saying I think the photos turned out back, to be honest the bad photos never make it to the web.

I do have more stuff to share but just need to find some time to pull the photos off and think about what new content I want put on my blog. I am planning to go on a hike this weekend to Wayah Bald off the AT and hopefully there will be some good shots along the way. Perhaps there will be some flowers in bloom and can get some good macro shots. I am really surprised how good of a macro photo I can take with my phone, it is almost pointless to spend the money on a macro lens. That’s just one thing I can’t get over is the high cost of so many hobbies.

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  1. Christina Chambers says:

    Wow those are some good images!

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