Lufty Baptist Church

My partner and I went out to ride around to kill some time and he decided to take me up to an abandoned church. Well not exactly my definition of abandoned, but I get the impression there isn’t a regular service here. It was a dreary day when we went, so makes the look of the place that much more eerie. If I recall my partner was wanting to take his new car mudding because of course it is AWD.

I also learned that last year a murder did take place and was at night. This definitely isn’t a place you want to be at night as if the place isn’t creepy enough as it is. That all being said this church does have some history and appears to also be known as Smokemont Baptist Church — perhaps someone can clear that up for me.
Now my idea of an abandoned place is a place you technically shouldn’t be. I have watched a lot of videos on YouTube where people explore old abandoned houses, hotels, shopping malls and so on and come across all sorts of relics from the past and the people there. It is kind of eerie, sad and somewhat sentimental — if that’s the right way to describe it. All in all it is interesting and exciting. I’d like to explore more things like this, just don’t want to get caught of course.
Although spring hasn’t really sprung yet I did get a decent macro photo with my phone.

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2 Responses

  1. Christina Chambers says:

    I just love old buildings…this one was kept in good condition….

    • Mike says:

      It is for the most part. The place does have electric… I bet the place is very spooky at night but not sure I want to go knowing someone was killed there!

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