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Well I have certainly been kept busy, work, home stuff (oh the home stuff) and my relationship. I have also been toying with the idea of possibly, at some point…maybe writing a book. Writing a book that other people will read and pay you money to buy it and read it is a big undertaking. It is one thing for me to write a blog, write a few articles and so on, but selling my writing is another. I did immediately think about the fact that I don’t really read books that often and I should probably take advantage if Amazon’s free kindle books for having a Prime membership. So I did, I got a few books that tend to focus on the Appalachian trail, spiritual stuff and so on because hey why not try to kill two birds with one stone (I have been feeling that becoming more spiritual, for lack of better description, with myself is becoming more important). Oh, and did I mention the Appalachian trail?
Here’s the thing, I have a lot of fleeting ideas and thoughts at times. That being said, some of those thoughts and ideas have led me to new hobbies and experiences but a lot don’t. I do envy the people who know exactly what they want and how to get it. However, I know I’m not the only person who is lost in this world or lacks the feeling of purpose. Perhaps we’re not supposed to know or feel secure about everything in life. After All, if we knew it all, then life would be pretty stagnant right? I mean if we took away the reason for believing in something, God in this case, and now we know sure whether or not there is a God or not and we knew what our purpose was, then what is the point of the journey through life? Right? I know I tend to ramble but I feel that, at least for me, that life is journey. I do not know these things. So if it means finding the time and space to hike for 6 months on the Appalachian trail to start figuring it all out then maybe that’s what I ought to do.
So now that I have gone completely off track on what this post was to be about… 😯
So one of the books I have started reading was AWOL On the Appalachian Trail by David Miller. Which talks about his experiences on the trail. I haven’t finished it yet but reading it has inspired me to really get back into hiking, not that I was every huge into hiking in the first place but hiking the Fire’s Creek Rim Trail has been something I have been wanting to do. But now I have the thought of doing the AT in the back of my head. So of course I wonder how in the hell could I actually be able to do it. It’s not just a matter of getting in shape, having the gear. A lot of it is having the money, no money no hike. There’s also the big issue about work, not too many places are just going to allow you to take a leave of absence that long for the purpose of doing the AT. So there’s a lot to think about. That all being said I do think that getting into the habit of hiking is a pretty good idea, of course getting in better shape is also a very good idea. As much as it is nice to have ideas, they all require one to put some thought into it. Instant gratification is all too common in the world today. If you want food, you go to the drive-thru and boom you got food. You want to go somewhere you get in your car and boom you’re there…the same with so many things in our daily lives. Planning to hike the AT isn’t one of those things you just get up and do.
So yes, before I come out say I’m going to do the AT or anything, definitely need to work on several things before I make that kind of commitment. I will go ahead and say that I do want to do the Fire’s Creek Rim Trail, which is about a 3 day hike, about 25 miles of pretty hard terrain and not nearly as well maintained. I did get a trail guide on Fire’s Creek & Chunk Gal which I think was a wise choice. Water sources are a big issue on the Rim Trail as it takes you high up on the mountains, so not something you want to try in the middle of summer and do want to bring extra water. So this is something I would want to do in the fall or spring and since it is currently spring and this trail isn’t really one you should try being inexperienced, probably best to work my up to it and go from there. There are other trails I can do.
The other looming issue is Google and SSL. I’m teetering on either going with paid hosting or buy a SSL certificate. While I don’t collect anything on this site, Google will reduce the ranking of the site simply because it doesn’t have one. So either way, if I want the blog to be read by anyone or get anything off of search engines I’m going to have to spend money on it or just shut down the website. To be honest not sure I have put enough content or have enough visitors to warrant the expense other than to simply do it.

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