Does Android Suck?

For years I have had android phones. I don’t consider myself a “power user” of sorts but I have had on occasion used my phone to do some odd things from amateur radio to SSH and so on. For a long time Android was a pretty good platform but like anything else, things change.
Does Android suck? Well, not exactly.
Android is supposed to be an open platform, but you don’t have to be an expert to realize that Google, despite their rainbow colors have been tightening their grip and collecting quite a lot of data about you, but then so does Apple and everyone else. The platform does offer a lot more customization over iOS, that is very clear between the two platform. Depending on how you look at it having the customization can be a good or bad thing. The bad thing about it is there isn’t a set way of doing something. If you pair up a Motorola, Samsung and a HTC phone they all have different “skins.” There are more bugs in android, battery drain issues and right now none of them stack up with the hardware that Apple is using in their iPhone 8, the gap is wider than the AMD vs Intel and really the competition in SoC is really more of an Apple vs Intel, their A11 SoC is faster than the Intel Core i5 that is used in Apple’s latest MacBook Pro…this is in your phone.
Apps on android are plenty, definitely a lot to choose from and way more than what is available in the App Store in iOS, however, there’s a lot of crappy apps you can put on your android and there’s not much on standards being employed by Google, so who knows about the quality or honesty of the app. Of course, I’ll be devil’s advocate and say how can you be sure that what you get on the App Store in iOS is any better? All I can speak of is my relatively short experience with iOS is that the quality of the apps are generally better, but I also find that many of them are paid so if you’re used to getting free apps this might be a bit of a downer.
Migrating. The best advice, especially if you’re a techie, is to stop your PC/Android line of thinking and throw it out. If you choose to migrate to an iPhone you might find yourself frustrated when you don’t have write access to the phone when you plug it into your PC. Everything has to be done when you FIRST set up your phone if you want to transfer things like photos, contacts and install iOS versions of the apps you have. If you don’t, while you can transfer pictures through other apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and so on and you can setup iTunes to sync pictures and so on, but it is quite lengthy not as straightforward as one would expect using Apple’s iOS. What I will say is once you have moved everything into Apple’s “ecosystem” everything is pretty relaxed and straightforward.
One thing that is very evident is the battery life is considerably longer over android. My Samsung S7 would by noon used 30-45% of it’s battery life and would be needing a charge by dinner. The iPhone has used only 5% in the same amount of time. Yet you would be surprised to find that the iPhone 8 only has an 1,800~ mAh (iPhone 8+ 2,600~ mAh) battery, comparing with the Samsung S7 has a 3,000 mAh battery (Samsung S8 + has a 3,500 mAh). So when it comes to battery life capacity isn’t necessarily meaning how long it will last. Afterall, there is a lot happening with your phone between all the apps and radios/modems that are being used as various times. So if you’re coming from an android phone you will likely be impressed with the iPhone’s battery life despite it being a smaller battery.
Finally, to those who are worried about your data. Well, it is reasonable to be a bit concerned with the atmosphere these days. There are no smartphones that do not track your every move, collect data from the microphones, browsers and so on. If you want to get away from that your only hope is to go back to flip phones, they still make them…just no one really pays any attention to them. Although, in 2017, I would find it hard to go back to a pre-smartphone era, although I suppose if I must I could. It would certainly cost a lot less to not have a data plan and an expensive phone to pay for.

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