2017 Solar Eclipse

I was lucky enough to live in the path of totality of the solar eclipse on August 21. I will admit that I could have posted about the eclipse sooner but I have been busy with some other things. I personally didn’t get the best shots of the eclipse, I don’t have a telephoto lens which is pretty much what you need to get up close photos of the sun. However, I want to say seeing photos of an eclipse is one thing, they look kind of like something out of science fiction but seeing a total eclipse is something surreal, nothing like what you would expect. You can watch it on TV, look at photos and talk to people about it but I can say I now understand what all the hype is about when it comes to total solar eclipses.
My sister on the other hand did get some good photos. She has what I would consider a high end point and shoot camera, does all the things you would expect a DSLR camera to do but you can’t remove the lens.

Although I didn’t have the best cameras setup I did with the aid of a make shift solar filter make a few time-lapse videos of the eclipse…
Here’s the first one

And the second one which goes into totality…

Of course the solar eclipse wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t capture the event with my drone. The sun gets the most attention during the eclipse but seeing the shadow off in the horizon is pretty neat. Watch it on YouTube and use the speed up to watch it happen faster.

Since solar eclipses only happen once every 18 months the next one I will be able to see won’t be until 2024 and I will have to travel to see it and I plan on it. The next one in 2024 will be for a couple minutes longer in totality. A couple other off the wall things I noticed was the temperature. We had about 93 degrees before the eclipse, during (and shortly after) totality the temperature got down to 81 degrees, it felt quite nice for it was a very hot and humid August day.

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