I can tell you first hand just how terrible smoking is and how difficult it is to quit…and stay quit. I started smoking when I was 14-15…smoked pretty much for 14 years, tried quitting here and there. Finally in 2014, after having a panic attack and thinking for the longest time that it was something like a heart attack. I finally quit…. I stayed quit for over two years. I did a triathlon last summer and with a few disappointments and in fitness, relationships and so on I first snuck a cigarette back this past November… It almost always starts the same way too. First you sneak one here and there, bum a cigarette from a friend or something. Next thing you know, you’re failing the litmus test and you have to go buy a pack and you’re hooked again. You can’t really find any good excuses why because there aren’t any. Doesn’t mean you should feel ashamed. In my case I’m around a smoker all the time. Fortunately though I really have avoided bringing it to work. I work at a school and I don’t like the idea of blowing second hand smoke at kids, just isn’t cool and I would really hate for anyone to go through the hell of what smoking is, what it does to your health…breath and so on.
So I got to do it all over again. I mean fortunately I’m not 6 months in, a little over a month. I keep thinking about my health, my mouth…getting lung problems down the road… but what really gets me is me being single. Smoking isn’t sexy anymore, people don’t like it. It stinks, makes your breath rancid. Plus the one person you got a crush on and might have looked up to you in some way…well you can sure bet you going back to smoking is a big let down for them.
Let’s face it I deal with a little bit of depression time to time, there’s things I need to take control of in my life that I keep letting slip away and it gets me down at times. So smoking can sometimes, temporarily alleviate the ailments but only for a short time. Unfortunately with quitting, whether it is the first time, or 6th time, there isn’t an easy way. You simply have to bit the bullet and quit and be ready for several days of feeling on the edge, but it is the right thing to do.

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