Searching For Meaning

I’ve always ponder about what the meaning of life is, what is the purpose and point. I don’t meaning in terms of just my life but life in general. I do feel that life should be more substantial than going to work 9-5 and that life should be made up of experiences, those consisting of not just trying new things but gaining wisdom through experiences. I think life should be exposing yourself to things that don’t make you comfortable, humiliation, embarrassment for instance. As bad as experiencing those things are, they kind of shape you. You can learn from your mistakes and become a better version of yourself through experiences. So I think one of the points in you and me living a life is to be the best person you can be.
I also wonder about life’s origins and the evolutionary process. I wonder if we’re the only ones living on a rock floating through space, or what sort of possibilities there may be. Perhaps that’s why I have a fascination for the night sky. Looking at all the stars and knowing that many of them are long gone since the light left the star thousands if not millions of years ago. To think that the destiny of the handful of photons was to hit the retina of my eye, just seems to make everything have some sort of meaning. I feel that there is some sort of purpose for anything happening, even if we think that it makes absolutely no sense at all. I’m not saying we have a destiny, I don’t believe things are pre-determined or that you’re destined to be. I think it is more like you’re placed into reality where you have limited control on things in your life. For instance, I can plan to do things, if I do them that’s one thing, or if I don’t another. However, I have no control over external conditions that might effect whether I am able to do the thing or not. Sounds a little confusing. I think we do have some control in our lives but at the same time we don’t. Interestingly enough there have been studies done on whether or not free will is a real thing or not and the findings seem to go against it. In a nutshell they’re finding that you’ve made the decision to do something or not before you have consciously decided to. I don’t have the sources, I’ll have to look them up and add it in for further reading.
I suppose we may never find the very reason we’re really here but I think cannot deny what we have is something very special and shouldn’t be wasted, no matter what religion or spirituality you believe in. Me personally I do believe in a God or higher power, I haven’t figured out the rest. I’m not religious or go to church but I don’t think that everything in the universe became what it is without a cause. Perhaps it is my inability to understand but I feel like there is a reason for anything, even this very moment.

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2 Responses

  1. knickerbuck says:

    hello axle2152 .. this is knickerbuck .. im here on your blog! lol .. just wanted to say .. yeah life is really complicated .. talk about beliefs .. ive sort of become a deist in my approach to my belief in a god .. i just cant seem to understand all the chaos that is going in the world .. it’s easier to believe that god made a world or his creation or left it to run on it’s own ..

    • admin says:

      When people are forced in their life to take up a faith I really think it deepens the divide we have these days. I mean it is pretty much become you either believe in creationism or you believe in science but no one wants to take a common sense approach. I think we have to take in what we observe to be fact to be taken as the truth. From there you can establish your beliefs around what you do know. I think I might have touched on my fascination with space and how that largely has influenced what I believe in as far as God goes. Perhaps it is because were so limited in our understanding in how the universe works that I can say God exists, but just in proportions I would have a hard time to dismiss God. The universe is too vast and too intricate. I don’t pay much attention to things going on in the world. There’s a lot of noise and I don’t really look at the atrocities that go on in the world as a reason to not believe or not believe in God.

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