Tri the Mountains Triathlon

So I put my money where my mouth was and did the triathlon I’ve been talking about doing for months now. No didn’t win any awards and I really felt like I should have done better, but the goal was to finish the race and not get disqualified. I did however get a penalty, I didn’t find out what it was but I suspect it was drafting. It’s no big deal and I really doubt I gained anything from any drafting that I might have actually done. Folks did pass me and get right in front of me but I think they’re supposed to make sure they’re up ahead enough.
Anyway the swim was probably the most difficult part. I’ll be honest I’m not a very good swimmer but I have also come along way considering I wasn’t a swimmer at the beginning of the year. I was good enough to get it done and that’s all that mattered. Transitioning from thee swim to the bike was a bit tricky… It is a challenge to get cotton socks on and then you’re still kind of tired from the swim so you can’t really go full on…especially when it is an uphill ride out through transition.
The bike ride itself was fun and not nearly as crowded as I expected. I hit some really fast speeds (for my bike) about 35 mph on the descents. I thought overall I did pretty good on the bike and probably would have done a little better on a more upscale bike. Speaking of upscale bikes I did get a new bike just a few days before the triathlon but I wasn’t able to use it. I have always had a mountain bike as a kid and just never got used to this style of handlebars and it is definitely fickle.
20160715_140620Now coming back into transition and going out on the run was definitely the most difficult to transition to…legs just don’t want to bend after an hour on the bike. I kind of felt like I had wooden pegs for legs. My advice to anyone doing a triathlon for the first time would to do bike/run bricks. This is just where you go for a bike ride and then go for a run. Doesn’t have to be a long run, the point is to get used to transitioning from the bike to the run. By the time my legs did loosen up the heat of the day was on. I think I was smart having my hydration pack on that made it very easy to drink and stay hydrated, however that didn’t save me from bonking out on the run.
Anyway, having done a triathlon finally I know what I need to work on so I can not only beat my time from this year but to actually place well within my age group.
So the race was divided into a 600 yard swim, an 18 mile bike ride and a 5k (3.1 mile) run… I finished the race in 2:10:40. I did the swimming segment in 17:47, first transition was 3:58, the bike was 1:12:18, second transition was 1:04 and the run was 35:35.

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