Burley Nomad Road Test

20160610_171638Went to REI and got the Burley Nomad bike cargo trailer. Decided to go for a test ride to see how a load changes the game and well it does. I threw in about 13-14 bottles of water and the tent I bought to as a load and went riding around. Well at first I didn’t think it made a lot of difference until started on a small hill and you do lose a good bit of speed. It is actually a pretty big difference while riding. I’d say I lost something around 1.5-2 MPH, doesn’t sound like a lot but I found myself staying in the 2nd chain ring a lot unless I was going on a descent. Now I went against the majority of people advising to get panniers or a BOB trailer. I opted to keep the majority of strain off the bike but even with the Nomad there’s going to be added stress to the crank, chain, wheels…and my knees for that matter.
I estimated between the trailer itself and the stuff I threw in it I was pulling another 30 lbs or so. The 28:28 ratio probably needs to be changed up when I do start touring. I may need to make some adjustments. It was suggested that I switch from a 28T cog to a 32T or 34T cog if possible, that should help out a lot.
Most of the weight I had accounted for on the tour was the 2 gallons of water. I may decide to carry one, then again I haven’t figured out exactly where I want to go on my first tour. At any rate I think pulling the trailer along for rides might be a good idea to simply get better. I had no issues with how the bike handled or with cars behind me getting angry, then again I pretty much stuck to roads that had shoulders.

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