One Step Closer to Touring

While I think touring is just like anything else someone does for the first time, there is a learning curve.
So I went a bought some camping gear and some of may not be ideal for bike touring but at the time I felt since I was going to be pulling a trailer I went for a larger stove. Outside of the stove and some camera gear I want to take I don’t think anything is too terribly overweight.
I’ve decided that I am going to use a trailer over panniers because my bike isn’t a touring bike, wasn’t bought to do touring…but I want to do touring. A good touring bike costs over $1,000 and I just can’t swing that kind of dough. For a while I considered a one-wheeled trailer like a BOB trailer but after reading how a lot of one-wheeled trailer effect handling I’m opting for the Burley Nomad. Now the trailer isn’t exactly cheap, but I think it is well worth it. I considered and thought of all the pros and cons, everything to the width of the trailer, the extra weight I would be carrying and the drag from the extra tires.
One of the things that anyone should do is test your equipment. Make sure it works and is up for the task, last thing you want to have happen is something to not work as you expect when on a tour.
This little tent was small enough to setup here in the room. I was able to check everything out, make sure the mat fit inside the tent and nothing had holes in it.
The next step for me is get the trailer. The other thing I read is that you want to get some riding in with the trailer. Going to do a few rides with it unloaded just to get the feel. Then I plan on riding around with it loaded and see how it goes. Some folks have commented that the gear ratios on my bike might not be geared low enough to carry a load. I honestly have no idea, this is all new to me. However, folks have done touring with worse I’m sure. I’m also not opposed to taking some extra breaks or have to push the bike up the hill. The only thing I really do worry about is a mechanical breakdown.
Hopefully will have more updates soon. Haven’t set any dates as to when I will be touring but most likely this summer at some point.

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