Rant: Importance of Dental Care / My Experience With Laughing Gas

One of the things I’m having to learn the hard way is dental care. My dad stopped taking me and my sister to the dentist when we were kids. She ended up getting braces and I suppose the short story is that he felt it was too expensive to deal with and perhaps thinks that dentistry is nothing but a money racket.
So it has been a while due to that reason and a few other reasons. Those reasons being that I was afraid of having countless cavities (turns out I only have one to my surprise) and not having insurance and needing braces, extractions and everything else under the sun. Most of my time of being employed I didn’t have dental insurance or had crappy dental insurance with high deductibles and didn’t cover a lot of things. I finally have a good job and have good insurance and seeing that I’m no longer a teenager and becoming middle aged is also around the corner it is time to start taking care of myself before it is too late.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Gum disease is strange and also a chronic condition. Many studies have been done about the relationships between gum disease and everything from diabetes, heart disease and so on, but the link is there. I didn’t know all this until I started researching things for myself. In a nutshell your immune system is constantly trying to fight a (losing) battle with the bacteria in your mouth which over time leads to the bone eroding away that holds your teeth. This is why it is preached that you brush, floss, rinse and have regular visits to a dentist. You never see a dentist with rotten teeth, or at least I never have. The other thing that is going on is that the plaque and bacteria get into your bloodstream, which the gist of what I read is what adds to the plaque build up in arteries which leads to heart disease.
It is critical for your health and well being to keep up with your teeth, not just because you might get a cavity, but what you can’t see might have a very big impact over your overall health and over a long span of time. You could be healthy and able to run marathons but down the road lack of care not only leads to bad breath and losing teeth but can lead to heart disease, diabetes, abscessed teeth, infection, and so on.

My Experience With Laughing Gas

I’m not going to lie I used to be a smoker and enjoyed getting stoned. After today’s experience with laughing gas I wondered why people in the 60’s just didn’t get a tank of laughing gas, it’s pretty much the same experience and people during the Victorian era used it during parties. I can’t say I know much about any of the risks of using laughing gas for recreational purposes nor do I suggest or condone the idea of doing such.
I must be a lightweight because they had to turn it down and I later told them I didn’t need it. I had a hard time breathing through the mask and having all the water splash the back of my mouth. I was already well relaxed and my mouth was pretty well numbed.
While we’re on the subject of laughing gas and marijuana I may as well explain my positions regarding marijuana. I support the medicinal use of marijuana. I also support legalization, however, it is not for me. There are clear negative aspects of regular recreational use of marijuana, from my own experience and many studies done show this to be true. There are the good things and then there are the bad things. I am also against cigarettes. I wished I hadn’t been such a fool at 15 years old to start smoking cigarettes and have life literally sucked from me and having watched my mom smoke herself into a double bypass heart surgery, now watching my dad do the same.
Anyway that’s the end of my rant and hopefully someone finds something in this blog entry useful.
One thing I’m finding is that there are no shortcuts in life, whether it is happiness, love or fulfillment, you have to work for it.

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